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The mumbo jumbo of today’s financial specialists can make an MBA’s head spin. But keep it simple, a mortgage is YOUR ability to borrow money. That ability will determine the interest rate you pay and ultimately how much your new home will cost you.

To get a handle on the fast-paced and daily changing world of mortgage finance have a good Realtor walk you through the process. You will be introduced to several highly skilled professionals and YOU can pick the one you think will work the hardest for YOU.

After all, you are the consumer. Even though the mortgage company has most of the money and “he who has the money makes the rules” without YOU there is no reason to have the money; as lenders of all types are in the business to loan money.

Make sure your credit is good, YOUR Realtor® will help you meet strong professionals who can help YOU and then ask questions, ask questions, and ask questions.

No matter how many properties you have purchased in the past, it’s a new world out there in lending; seek advice from a good real estate professional who will help YOU connect to a good lender, then make the commitment to do what is requested.

There remain many options; FHA is still a good idea for the lower down payment, 3.5%. If you are a Veteran, ask about VA financing, still 100% available if you have good credit and consistent job history. Today’s market demands creativity and knowledge to provide the best opportunities.

To ask financing questions, click below and your question will go to a:

               Mortgage/Loan Officer


               Linda, Your Real Estate Professional

No one will harass you; they will just answer your questions.

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