Trending analysis helps Hargreaves & Assoc. identify who might be the new Buyer for YOUR property.

  • Who might want to buy YOUR property… where do they live now?

  • Who might want to buy YOUR property… where do they work now?

  • Why might they want to buy YOUR property…how can we let them know?

  • How can the Seller help?

  • How can the neighbors help?

  • How can certain other Realtors® help?

  • How does the Internet (World Wide Web) help?

These are all ways Hargreaves & Assoc. determine who and where the buyer for YOUR property might be and then focuses a campaign to find them.

Targeting allows a more qualified prospect to view YOUR home, one who has already predetermined the area is what they want, the price is what they can afford and the basics seem to meet their needs. YOUR property will typically sell more quickly and for a better dollar with this type of aggressive marketing.

To ask more about targeting marketing e-mail Linda.

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