Many Buyers choose to have Home Inspections, at their expense, when purchasing. In fact, most offers are subject to having a home inspection. The home’s vital systems are checked with a home inspection. A home Inspection allows YOU to sell YOUR home with confidence. Linda Hargreaves & Assoc. will help you coordinate the inspection once you ar under contract. If you want to know how to become a GOLD MEDAL HOME.

Items on your inspection report will include these basics and other unique items:

  • Foundations & Structure
          Proper drainage and ventilation, evidence of water seepage/standing

  • Exterior Covering, Windows, Doors
          Exterior walls, windows and doors; porches, decks, balconies, garages

  • Roof
          Roof type, material and condition; condition of gutters and downspouts

  • Interior Plumbing System
          Hot & cold water system, the waste system and sewage disposal; water
          pressure and flow, and water heating equipment.

  • Interior Electrical System
          Type of service, the number of circuits and capacity; type of protection,
          outlet grounding and load balance; overall safety

  • Central Cooling / Heating System
          Energy source, type of cooling equipment, capacity and distribution;
          efficiency, operating according to manufactures’ specifications

  • Interior Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Windows & Doors
          Walls, floors, ceilings, stairways, cabinets and counter tops; performing
          according to builder or manufacturers’ specifications

  • Attic
          Structural integrity, insulation & ventilation information

  • Basement
          Structural integrity, ventilation, evidence of water or moisture

  • Fireplace
          Notes about the chimney(s), damper, and masonry

  • Appliances
          Includes a wide range of built-in and other home appliances, and smoke

  • Garage
          Doors, walls, floor, opener

  • Lot & Landscaping
          Ground slope away from foundation, condition of walks, steps and driveway

  • Unique Amenities
          Pool, spa, whole house vacuum, irrigation, etc

For more Home Inspection information, click here.

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