Selling your property means analyzing what is happening in YOUR market place. Analyzing trends, analyzing current conditions and understanding the lending and appraisal arenas and provides YOU valuable information for pricing. Hargreaves & Assoc. examines demographics, traffic patterns, employment centers and other issues to help YOU determine the right price.

Another by the numbers techniques Hargreaves uses is to identify a possible sales price spread and included enticements to allow the property to move more quickly with a higher bottom line for the YOU.

Motivated Buyers are part of the Hargreavesí by the numbers approach. By actively seeking motivated and qualified Buyers, more accurate trending is possible and more direct sales results for YOU.

Foreclosures and Short Sales are a reality is the current market. If you think your property may fall into one of these categories, please be aggressive in seeking advice and direction. We are happy to help you navigate these choppy waters.

Find out more about trending, price spread enhancements, foreclosures and short sales, e-mail Linda.

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