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This is the time YOU, the Buyer, and the settlement agent (usually an attorney in NC & SC) will set down and go over all of the documents required for the transfer of ownership and satisfying YOUR mortgage, if any. The documents may include title search, title insurance, survey plus any other certificates or paperwork required by local municipalities.

Often Sellers will feel anxious at this process, however, this is the beginning of your next step; this is the happy time. Hargreaves & Associates will help YOU feel comfortable and navigate you through the process. Actually, Hargreaves & Assoc. will have gone over the entire process before your arrival, and YOU will be eager to go, sign and receive your closing check. (YEAH!)

The cost for closing (closing costs) will vary according to state, the settlement agent and other items unique to you. These costs should be itemized in a general way, when you speak to your real estate agent. Again, no surprises when working with Hargreaves & Assoc., these costs will be discussed at the beginning, at the time of accepting an offer and prior to the settlement date. YOUR comfort and knowledge is paramount.

After Closing
Hargreaves & Assoc. is always available to answer YOUR real estate related questions, to provide property information, answer property tax questions, or help others you know with their real estate questions. Knowledge and Service are all we have to give, but we’re willing to share, with you and your friends.

Hargreaves & Associates Extra Closing Services:

  • Help with coordination of transferring utilities

  • Help with coordination of telecommunications transfer

  • Provide information to help with selection of the following professionals:
          Repair professionals
          Cleaning Services
          Moving Services
          Connect you to a good agent in your new city, if you are moving away
          Lawn services

Contact Linda if you have any questions.

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